Physiotherapy Technician

Headshot photo of Tash

Tash is from Cardiff and graduated from Birmingham University with a degree in Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation Science. She joined the Morrello team in June 2022.

Tash works closely with our PD Warriors and Stroke patients and runs many of our online and face to face Parkinson’s training programmes. Tash is also a physiotherapy technician at Morrello, delivering supported exercise, personal training, and hydrotherapy sessions.

Away from the Clinic, Tash enjoys many sporting hobbies. She is a keen runner and is completed the London Marathon in 2023, which she ran to raise funds for Spinal Research. She also plays football for her local Sunday league club, and is learning to play the guitar and piano.

What excites Tash most about working at Morrello?

“Constantly learning new things and developing my skills and knowledge. The clients and staff are all so friendly and welcoming – there is never a dull moment, everyone and everything is always entertaining and enlightening”.