To visit the clinic you must be completely asymptomatic, free of fever, cough, altered smell or taste, or breathing difficulties.

You must not be self-isolating due to symptomatic family members. If you have any of these symptoms or are self-isolating, you MUST NOT come to your appointment.

  • We ask you to attend an appointment alone (unless with a child or vulnerable adult)
  • Attend punctually at the time of appointment and avoid waiting unnecessarily.
  • We ask everyone to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer on entering
  • We further ask everyone to cover their mouth and nose with a facemask unless instructed otherwise
  • A temperature reading will be taken and a quesionnaire must be completed on entering.Should the temperature be above the normal range, we will ask the individual to re-schedule their appointment.
  • Please maintain 2 meters for social distancing at all times, but particularly in the communal areas.
  • During treatment, the therapists or other staff may get closer to you than 2 meters but this will be as short as feasible to provide your treatment
  • We will be cleaning equipment before, during and after use for your safety and this will be part of your treatment time.
  • Seating in the reception area has been removed temporarily. With safety in mind, we have placed a single chair near the toilets and entrance and we will clean this chair regularly during the day.
  • We will ask you to go to your designated treatment area and remain there for the duration of the session. You will be informed by your therapist when it is your turn to leave the treatment area. This is to avoid challenges to social distances when others are using the communal areas such as reception.

We will contact you the day before to check on any health concerns. This may be by email or phone

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