Our Process

From your first contact with morrello, we will take some basic information and ask for your medical history. Then, we will discuss the type of issues you are currently having as well as what your desired focus is from treatment at morrello.

Perhaps you want to improve your walking abilities or the movement in your arm. The team at morrello reception, will send you our terms of reference and arrange a call between yourself and one of our specialists to discuss your situation further. Once we have the basics and established suitability for our treatments. Our specialist physio will book you in for an assessment in person or online. During this initial assessment we can discuss specific goals and treatment options, consider the right therapy equipment for you, and finally plan how many sessions would be needed to see results. These plans also include when to hold reviews of your progress. Our treatment plans are highly patient oriented, and we do our best to work around you and focus on achieving your goals.

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