Online Stroke Rehab

We have continued with our specialist Stroke rehabilitation programme during the COVID-19 outbreak treating people at home immediately after discharge from hospital.

Please enquire for options to be seen by a clinical expert face to face or online for an initial consultation. At Morrello Clinic, we provide various specialist Rehabilitation Packages and an enhanced service specific for Stroke survivors.

For the last few years, we have been developing a new and intensive Stroke arm rehabilitation program. It is an evidence-based programme unlike the historical Bobath Approach Treatments still used by other providers.

The Arm Rehabilitation Programme features high quality, high dose, highly intensive course of treatment based on the latest research published by Queen Square Hospital. Our Bootcamp is designed to maximize the potential recovery of the arm post Stroke.

Often, rehabilitation of the arm post Stroke often takes a back seat whilst still in hospital. Mostly the focus is on getting people walking or standing to get them home and out of hospital. It is not until people come home that they realise the effects their Stroke has had on their everyday activity.

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