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What types of problems can physiotherapy help with?

Specialist Physiotherapy can be used to help restore your movement and function after an injury or illness. It can also help improve your ability to function if you are living with a long term neurological condition or a disability. It can be used to treat:

Brain or nervous system – Such as movement problems resulting from a Stroke, multiple
sclerosis (MS), Spinal Cord Injury SCI, ABI/TBI, Cerebral Palsy (CP), Parkinson’s disease or a
Functional Neurology (FND)

  • Heart and circulation – Such as rehabilitation after a period of immobilisation when you are
    getting back to fitness.
  • Problems with the Bones, joints, muscles and soft tissue – Such as back pain, neck pain,
    shoulder pain and activity related injuries.
  • Spasticity caused by injury of the nervous system
  • Chronic Pain from injuries or changed movement and posture
  • Vestibular problems affecting balance and disturbance of gait
  • Lungs and breathing – Such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and Long

How quickly will I be seen for my first appointment?

On average patients can normally be booked in for the week after their initial contact with morrello. Sometimes it can be sooner and other times a bit longer during a particularly busy period.

Do you offer home visits?

Yes, we do offer home visits within South Wales, Forest of Dean, Gloucester, Bristol, Clevedon/Weston Super Mare and surrounding areas within reason.

How much will it cost?

Our costs vary from treatment to treatment, so it is best to get in touch over the phone or via email to discuss your needs and we can go from there. Not all treatments require a highly specialist therapist and we have support staff with a range of skills to help you with your treatments.

Can I use my medical insurance to pay for treatment?

It is possible for a Private Medical Insurance policy to cover the cost of physiotherapy, but it is dependent on the policy. For some policies it may be included, but for others it may have to be a benefit added separately. Some insurance policies include, as standard, physiotherapy relating to inpatient treatment such as post-surgery physiotherapy, but standalone physiotherapy is often a separate option you can add when you take out your medical insurance policy.

What specialist facilities do you have?

Morrello Clinic has access to a wide range of high-tech rehabilitation equipment and our staff are all experienced in setup and support of FES, Bioness, Saebo, Motek, Hocoma, TheraTrainer and TyroMotion rehabilitation systems. We have developed specialist facilities with spacious treatment spaces fully equipped for specialist rehabilitation. This includes fully wheelchair accessible exercise equipment and ceiling tracking hoists suitable for:

  • Physiotherapy for neurological conditions & amputees
  • Paediatric neuro-physiotherapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Hydrotherapy


What procedures do you have in place for COVID?

It is of upmost importance to us that visitors or guests at Morrello feel safe, and comfortable. We take every effort to comply with Public Health advice to stop the spread. Upon entering Morrello clinic, temperature readings will be taken, and a PHW Covid symptoms questionnaire must be completed. Should the temperature be above the normal range, we will ask the individual to re-schedule their appointment. Social distancing is enforced across the clinic, especially in communal areas. We are disinfecting and cleaning equipment before, during and after use for your safety. Formal seating in the reception area has been removed temporarily. Though, with safety in mind, we have placed a single chair near the toilets and entrance and we clean this chair regularly during the day. Patients at Morrello are asked to remain in their designated treatment area for the duration of their session and informed by their therapist when it is their turn to leave the treatment area. This avoids challenges to social distancing when there are others in the communal areas such as the entrance and reception. And finally, all our staff are fully vaccinated and will be wearing PPE and face coverings at all times.

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