We are open using PPE and personal treatment spaces If you prefer, we can see you at Home or Online All staff are vaccinated
We are open using PPE and personal treatment spacesIf you prefer, we can see you at Home or OnlineAll staff are vaccinated

Online Stroke Rehabilitation Programme

We have continued with our specialist Stroke rehabilitation programme during the COVID-19 outbreak treating people at home immediately after discharge from hospital. Please enquire for options to be seen by a clinical expert face to face or online for an initial consultation. At Morrello Clinic, we provide various specialist Rehabilitation Packages and an enhanced service specific for Stroke survivors.


One to One physiotherapy at Morrello Clinic or at Home

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Treaments which focus on improving walking, Balance, and arm function


We continue to take bookings for our bespoke High Intensity Rehabilitation packages to get you back on track and progress arm function or gait after injury (SCI, TBI or Stroke)



For the last few years we have been developing a new and intensive Stroke arm rehabilitation program. It is an evidence based programme unlike the historical Bobath Approach Treatments still used by other providers.

The Arm Rehabilitation Programme features high quality, high dose, highly intensive course of treatment based on the latest research published by Queen Square Hospital. Our Bootcamp is designed to maximize the potential recovery of the arm post Stroke.


Often, rehabilitation of the arm post Stroke often takes a back seat whilst still in hospital. Mostly the focus is on getting people walking or standing to get them home and out of hospital. It is not until people come home that they realise the effects their Stroke has had on their everyday activity. C


urrent research shows that on average only 4-5 minutes of therapy is dedicated to the arm whilst in hospital out of the 45 minutes of average therapy time a day. This is only a very small proportion of time for learning and improvements. Too often, patients are told that there is no use in trying to rehabilitate their arm as there is little chance of recovery. It is reported, however, that “upper limb dysfunction” is a major contributor to ongoing physical disability post Stroke and loss of the use in an arm has a big impact on normal daily activities.


We would like to share some great news which has come from newly published research from no less than “the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN)at Queen Square”


Link to BMJ article – Queens Square programme https://jnnp.bmj.com/content/jnnp/90/5/498.full.pdf


The study which involved 224 Stroke patients who had all previously been discharged from hospital was published in the British Medical Journal in February 2019. The study showed that: With intensive arm rehabilitation, chronic stroke patients can change by clinically important differences in measures of impairment and activity. Crucially, clinical gains continued during the 6-month follow-up period with no formal therapy input.


This is a big change in what historically has been reported and the difference has been the amount of time or intensity of rehabilitation provided. Since this publication, several private hospitals and specialist physiotherapy clinics in England have already started offering High Intensity Upper Limb Rehabilitation packages that typically involve around 90 hours of intense physiotherapy over 3 weeks. With intensive practice and rehabilitation, they too have produced the same great results in patient’s improvement of arm function at different stages of recovery after Stroke.


Our Upper Limb Service here at Morrello is based upon these same principles of high quality, high dose, highly intensive practice. We are now offering a 3-week intensive, specific and individualized physiotherapy package based at the clinic in Newport, South Wales. The first few patients have completed this programme have all made great improvements.


The 3 weeks which follow the intense training, will be focused on supporting people to exercise independently through a mix of clinic and home rehabilitation sessions. The main aim of the second period of 3 weeks is to translate the improvements into functional skills at home.

Before starting the programme the patient will be assessed by a physiotherapist to see if they are suitable. During this assessment the therapist may identify areas that will need to be addressed before starting the Bootcamp programme. This is to ensure the best possible results for the individual. For example, if the person has a history of a painful shoulder, we may recommend for an assessment at our shoulder pain clinic, for an ultrasound scan, for potential Botox or other pain-relieving injections.


Over the total course of the 6 weeks, we will give a weekly structured timetable of activities and set weekly goals. Goals are broken down to help achieve the aspirational goal the person with stroke would like to achieve from attending the programme. The programme at Morrello Clinic is completed on a 1 to 1 basis so that it will be highly specific to the individual but there may be times when treatments take place in a group setting or working with other patients who are visiting the clinic for treatments.


The biggest question anyone entering this programme will ask is: “will I get results?” All we can say is that the evidence indicates that the hard work is the price you pay for success. This programme is not a cure but a way to enable a patient to get the maximum potential recovery in their arm and enable them to engage their arm in functional activities as much as possible. Ultimately, everybody’s recovery is unfortunately very different.


To be able to take part in this “Highly Intensive Upper Limb Bootcamp” you will be assessed for your suitability by a Specialist Physiotherapist. Ideally you will have some flickers of movement in your hand or wrist.


For people who are not suitable for this Highly Intensive Upper Limb Bootcamp, or who wish to work on a less intensive programme, we have availability for people recovering from Stroke to work in weekly group sessions lasting 2 hours each, where the therapy costs will be shared between up to 4 patients. These are often supplemented with one on one therapy and are a great way to make therapy more sustainable and affordable in the longer term.


We look forward to achieving the same results seen in parts of England here in South East Wales and wish to share any results with the various Stroke networks in the area.

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In particular PD Warrior which is a proven exercise routine specifically designed for people with Parkinson's. It is supported by NICE guidance (NG71) promoting  intensive exercise intervention. PD Warrior is actively promoted by the Parkinson's UK charity.

Morrello Online is the local accredited and licensed facility delivering the PDWarrior programme in Newport, Cardiff and Chepstow known as "PD Warrior South East Wales"



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