Specialist Neuro Physiotherapy for Adults and Children
Specialist Neuro Physiotherapyfor Adults and Children 

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Morrello Cinic is the local licensed and accredited centre to provide the 10 week PD Warrior Challenge. This programme will teach all you need to know about what exercises will help you to fight back and stay active. We will support you in developing a personal daily routine at home and offer a fun and supportive environment through our group with PD Warrior Graduates who are already having the benefits from PD Warrior


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Morrello Clinic are celebrating one year success with running PD Warrior for people with Parkinsons. 


Please enquire about the Parkinsons Warrior Programme at Morrello Clinic

PD Warrior is a proven set exercise routine specifically designed for people with PD. It is supported by new NICE guidance (NG71) promoting early intensive exercise intervention.

Morrello Clinic is the local accredited and licensed facility delivering the proven PDWarrior programme.


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