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Morrello's Para Triathlon 2018

 Patients at Morrello Clinic are planning to undertake a Para Triathlon Challenge, where they will together as a team tackle required distance of:

2 Mile Swim

112 Mile Cyle ride

26 Mile Marathon

Mostly using facilities in Morrello Clinic such as treadmills and exercise bikes, but also a swimming pool to be errected in the carpark and a 4 Mile loop through Langstone where the "Morrello's Marvels Paracycling Club" members will be clocking up the miles for the Challenge.


We hope to make it a great fun day raising money for good causes.

Please join us for the day.


Take a look at some Participants in the Para Triathlon profiles below



Charlotte came in the news with BBC DIY SOS who helped to modifiy her house after she had a stroke during giving birth to her twins.


Initially Charlotte struggled with her walking and was confined to a wheelchair. At Morrello Clinic she has been working hard on her walking and recently completed a 5K Walk for Life.


She will be completing a 5K walk on the treadmill in under one hour for the challenge.



Gwyn Hughes


After he became paralysed down one side of his body and his diagnosis of neurofibromatosis, Gwyn has only been improving! In the beginning of 2018, he managed to walk 100 metres for sport relief and in aid of raising awareness for men's mental health. 


27 year old Gwyn has a big ambition and that is to walk again. He looks up to people from events like the paralympics and Invictus Games. He uses them as inspiration to work harder and achieve his goal.


Whilst practicing for the challenging para triathlon held here at the clinic, he told us that he would like to take part in the team effort to complete the para triathlon in order to improve more and to get better at what he's already capable of. Especially after seeing all the incredible athletes overcoming a range of diffuculties, he is more motivated and has more ambition to keep getting better.


This time, he is using sticks and not the frame he used before when raising funds for sports relief. Walking with sticks is making things a lot more complicated. He likes the fact that it challenges him mentally too.

He aims to achieve the same 100 meters as he did erlier in the year but this time walking with sticks for the para triathlon!







Ken Howard


72 year old Ken Howard has been coping with his diagnosis of Parkinsons disease for the last five years. Although this has been a life altering change, Ken says that he won't let hid condition get the better of him; his life motto is "I have Parkinsons but it won't have me!"


The keen fundraiser will be participating in the clinic's 2018 para triathlon in hopes that it will raise even more awareness for Paarkinsons disease. This event will be added to Ken's list of already incredible fundraisers such as the tandem parachute jump he did in 2017 where he managed to raise over £1K. 


He is a member of the Parkinsons research foundation, a non-profit organisation that funds Parkinsons research, education, advocacy and free services to those living with Parkinsons disease. He tells us that through being involved with this amazing organisation he hopes to help find a cure to help others. 


Ken is keeping fit through coming to the clinic's weekly exercise group 'PD warriors', that aims to keep patients as fit as they can be, and he intends to use this as training for the para triathlon. He aims to do as much running and cycling as possible but intends to do a mile on the bicycle and a five mile run.


Jerry is 58 and has been adjusting to his diagnosis of Pakinsons disease for the last year. As he is a recent member of the PD warriors, having oly joined a month ago, he aims to test his limits at the clinic's para triathlon through doing as much running and cycling that he is capable of. 


He tells us that the PD warrior programme has changed his outlook on his diagnosis and that it is very encouraging; he loves the staff and is motivated by being around others in the same position as him. 

Since her diagnosis of Parkinsons 9 years ago, Anne has been looking for ways to keep fit and through coming to the clinics twice a week PD warrior programme, she has been able to achieve this. 


She has been coming to the clinic for the last 2 years and is always improving! Additionally, she tells us that the camaraderie she feels through socialisding and exercising with the other PD warriors makes the experince of coming 10 times better.


In 2018, she will complete a walk and cycle in Morrello's Para-Triathlon to challenge herself physically as well as mentally. 

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Morrello Clinic is organising a Para Triathlon on the 29th September to raise awareness and funds for Parkinsons UK and Spinal Research Charities.


Enquire about the Cardiff, Chepstow and Newport based Parkinsons Warrior Programme at Morrello Clinic. 

PD Warrior is a proven exercise routine specifically designed for people with PD. It is supported by new NICE guidance (NG71) released July 2017 which promotes`early intensive exercise intervention.

Morrello Clinic is the local accredited and licensed facility delivering the proven PDWarrior programme in Newport, Cardiff and Chepstow


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