We are open using PPE and personal treatment spaces If you prefer, we can see you at Home or Online All staff are vaccinated
We are open using PPE and personal treatment spacesIf you prefer, we can see you at Home or OnlineAll staff are vaccinated

Solutions and services

We offer Rehabilitation equipment on hire so you dont have to invest in expensive rehabilitation equipment for use at home. This allows you to focus on getting better without having to raise big sums before you can start.


Hirring may be a good alternative if you are likley to onl make use of specialist equipment for a few weeks or months. We also allow you to try it before you buy it with a refund of a months hire cost when making a purchase through us.


Hire equipment includes:


TheraTrainer TIGO in various models

We have 8 of these available for hire so contact us to see what model we have in stock.


FES devices such as the Bioness L300 and L300 PLUS drop foot stimulator and the L300GO all of which are available in paediatric models as well as in adult sizes. These are normally setup initially in an assessment session. If you are happy with the FES working and functionality gained, you can then reserve a device for use at home for a month or 4 weeks. This home use will be supported online or face to face and after teh 4 weeks, there will be a review. If you decide to make a purchase (new or second hand) we will allow you to continue to use our device until your purchased device is ready for setup.


Bioness H200 wireless is a FES device to support hand function and can be used to train hand and wrist muscles after a period of non use. The stimulation can work to reduce spasticity experienced after a Stroke or in MS. People with SCI often report the most functional benefit from this device. 


SaeboFlex is one of the hand splints out of the Saebo range of rehabilitation products. We have been an early adopter of Saebo rehabilitation products and offer a fully integrated Saebo Rehabilitation package where we set clients up with an intensive package of Saebo Arm rehabilitation. Instead of making a purchase of a SaeboFlex, SaeboReach or SaeboGlove, there is an option to hire one so you can continue to work with it at home for a few weeks before making decision to buy.


SaeboGlove is another one of the Functional Rehabilitation hand splints from SAebo and is also available for short term hire at Morrello. Most ften this is offered to people who have alsready engaged with Saebo Rehabilitation and are progressing from initially using the SaeboFlex. 


ARJO Stedy transfer aid

This device allows for standing transfers and is available for hire for people who are progressing on from hoist transfers or for people who are discharged from hospital but are awaiting equipment to be delivered and setup by community services. We will normally train family members or carers in the safe use of this equipment on delivery.


U-Step lazer guided Walking Frame specifically designed for people who experience freezing during walking. This frame collapses into the boot of the car for ease of taking it with you. It is super supportive and can swivel on the spot due to the clever placing of the wheels. There is an integrated seat, lazer projection of a line to step over and integrated metronome. This walker is very suitable for people living with Parkinson's. Due to the high cost of this device, we recommend to hire it first and try it before you buy it. We can reimburse hire cost on purchase through us.


Lazer Cane is another a lazer guided walking aid but this time as an aluminium walking stick where the integrated lazer is projecting a line sto step over for those who experience freezing.


Oswestry Standing Frame or OSF for short is used for building tolerance to standing and get benefits normally associated with being upright against gravity such as maintaining bone density, spinal loading, bladder and bowel function. our OSF's are either manual versions with quick release or with a motor and a belt supporting getting from sitting into standing. All our OSF frames have been fitted with foam knee block for additional comfort.


We have a collection of standard walking aids and wheelchairs including tilt in space wheelchairs and power chairs available for short term and longer term hire







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Enquire about our post lockdown BOOSTER packages 

Enquire about ONLINE Exercise Programmes from Morrello Online. 

In particular PD Warrior which is a proven exercise routine specifically designed for people with Parkinson's. It is supported by NICE guidance (NG71) promoting  intensive exercise intervention. PD Warrior is actively promoted by the Parkinson's UK charity.

Morrello Online is the local accredited and licensed facility delivering the PDWarrior programme in Newport, Cardiff and Chepstow known as "PD Warrior South East Wales"



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