We are open using PPE and personal treatment spaces If you prefer, we can see you at Home or Online All staff are vaccinated
We are open using PPE and personal treatment spacesIf you prefer, we can see you at Home or OnlineAll staff are vaccinated

We provide: 

  • Individualised Specialist Neuro Physiotherapy treatments for adults or children
  • Treatment can be provided at Home, in Clinic or Online
  • Specialist Neuro Active- Exercise Prescription and exercise support
  • Neuro Speech and Language Therapy assessment and treatment
  • Medical Review by Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Spasticity and Pain clinic with BOTOX injections
  • Specialist Wheelchair and Seating assessment
  • Hydrotherapy in local swimming pool (not available during COVID restrictions)
  • FES assessment with Ottobock Bioness product trials for arm and dropfoot
  • FES Cycling as supported self exercise or part of physiotherapy treatment
  • Supported Self Exercise in the Clinic
  • PD Warrior Programme for Parkinson’s including the 10 week challenge
  • Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (not available during COVID restrictions)
  • Massage therapy onsite (not available during COVID restrictions)
  • Home visits for physiotherapy in community settings



We provide individualised treatment programmes for people who have been discharged from NHS or other inpatient services. This treatment is delivered at the patient's home or at our specialist neuro physiotherapy clinic in Langstone. 

Once a month we hold a Stroke Shoulder Pain clinic with great results.

Spinal Cord Injury

We specialise in providing physiotherapy support and treatment for people who ahev sustained a SCI. We have a range of specialist equipment for SCI to try at our dedicated clinic in Langstone and some can be hired to continue use at home.

Acquired Brain Injury

We provide bespoke treatment packages for people who have an Acquired Brain Injury through accident (Traumatic Brain Injury TBI) or other cause. We work with Solicitors and Case Managers to develop a team approach which addresses the expressed and assessed needs of the client.

Treatment can be at home in the community or in our well setup clinic

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

We provide treatment and support for people with progressive neurological conditions like MS. This can be in the home or in the clinic where they can try our specialist equiopment to assist with mobility and exercise.

Parkinsons Disease

We have a specialist exercise programme developed for Parkinsons which is run by Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologist in individual and group settings. For some people, we may recommend they take a PD Warrior course with us which is an intensive exercise course specifically designed for People with parkinsons

Cerebral Palsy (CP)

We have special expertise in supporting children and adults with CP through treatment blocks and ongoing support with Morrello-Mini 


Shoulder pain clinic

In this clinic we assess shoulder pain using ultrasound imaging during movement. The imaging alows us to see the muscle fibres contracting real time and develop bespoke exercise for the shoulder to heal and recover from injury. This is especially useful for post Stroke shoulder pain.

Specialist Treatments

Because sometimes exercising on a treatment couch, a Gymball or mat is not enough, Morrello Clinic has access to a wide range of highly specialist equipment and our staff are all experienced in setup and support of FES and Saebo rehabilitation systems.


Functional Electrical Stimulation FES is a treatment technique where small electricall pulses are applied to the skin from a handheld device. These pulses are used to help activate muscles which are paralysed. FES and Saebo are used to compliment our hands on treatments and the exercise programmes we setup at home.


FES devices available

Dropfoot FES Stimulator from Bioness

Ness L300, can be tried in the clinic and is available to take home or hire. We can also supply and setup any Bioness equipment if a client wants to purchase.


Thigh stimulator from Bioness

Ness L300 Plus, is designed to help with control of the knee during walking and standing.


Hand stimulator from Bioness

Ness H200, is designed to help with hand function if no activity or limited activity in the hand is present. It is normally setup as an exercise stimulator but can also be an active functional device providing grasp and release. 


Shoulder stimulator

We provide these and set them up as part of the shoulder pain clinic and to avoid shoulder pain when we start working in our arm rehabilitation group.


Bioness L100GO and L300GO distributed by Ottobock

This is a new addition to the FES range at Morrello Clinic

It is a FES device from a collaboration between Bioness and "Ottobock"

It provides switchless Dropfoot FES with optional additional channel or control through an App on your phone.


FES Cycling

At Morrello Clinic we have a brand new RT300 FES bike from Cyclone Mobility. This delivers 6 channels of muscle stimulation to muscles which are paralysed and enables clients to cycle with their own muscles and have a workout.



The Saebo range of products allows individuals sufferening from neurological impairments such as a Stroke, the ability to incorporate their arm and hand functionally in therapy and at home. At Morrello Clinic we provide free assessments with Saebo products and have a stock of SaeboStretch, SaeboFlex, SaeboReach, SaeboGlove and Saebo MAS in a range of sizes.

As part of a trail with Saebo Produicts we recommend enrolment into our intensive 2hours 3x week group sessions.


Movement analysis

At Morrello Clinic we have a dedicated movement analysis area where we use computerised movement analysis of walking or other activities and analyse these to see which treatment works best. Software packages available include SiliconCoach and HudlTechnique


Partial Body Weight Support

We have a dedicated 13 meter long 5 meter wide ceiling mounted (x-y) track for supporting patients. This allows safe exploration of walking over ground or on a treadmill.


Augmented Feedback and Virtual Reality Treadmill training

Morrello is one of only two places in the Uk where patients can use this hyper modern rehabilitation facility for helping people improve their balance and walking. It features a dedicated ceiling track and projection on the belt as well as with a screen in front. The sophisticated software analyses movements through sensors embedded in the treadmill, helping faster recovery and improvements.


Balo Balace Trainer

For self practice of balance, we have a Balo Balance trainer from MedicoTech. This device allows a variable amount of degrees of freedom (wobble) and users can see how they perfom on a computer screen. In order to help their exercise, they can then use games to improve their balance with Balo.


Active-Passive Cycling

This is a type of cycling where if a person is unable to complete a cycle due to weakness, they can be supported by a motor which takes over (passive) inorder to complete the cycle. We use the TheraVital range from MedicoTech for this in our clinic and have equipment for legs and arms to cycle. Through bluetooth technology and a wall size screen, we allow patients to cycle one of 140 interactive cycle routes videos or engage in group gaming.



Morrello Clinic staff are experts at providing swimming or hydrotherapy at local pools or in a pool at the patients own home. We provide training for carers and family on how to support enjoyment of water based exercise.

We also provide Pool Health and Safety sreening and emergency evacuation training for people who have a pool at home.


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Enquire about our post lockdown BOOSTER packages 

Enquire about ONLINE Exercise Programmes from Morrello Online. 

In particular PD Warrior which is a proven exercise routine specifically designed for people with Parkinson's. It is supported by NICE guidance (NG71) promoting  intensive exercise intervention. PD Warrior is actively promoted by the Parkinson's UK charity.

Morrello Online is the local accredited and licensed facility delivering the PDWarrior programme in Newport, Cardiff and Chepstow known as "PD Warrior South East Wales"



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