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Neuro Physiotherapy 

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Morrello Health Ltd employs expert, committed and experienced staff. Learn more about some of them here.

Jakko Brouwers MSc MCSP

Clinical Expert Neuro Physiotherapist


Jakko Trained in the Netherlands and worked in Germany and Austria specialising in Neuro rehabilitation before starting work in the NHS in 1998. Since then he has worked in Community settings and Specialist Stroke and Acquired Brain Injury units in Bristol and Bath. In 2002 he was appointed into the Superintendent Physiotherapist post at Rookwood Hospital. Rookwood is the Welsh Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and Specialist Neuro Rehablitation Unit. Here he was in charge of the SCI, Specialist Neuro and Amputee rehabilitation physiotherapy service. In 2005 he completed a MSc in Neuroscience physiotherapy at Cardiff University. Jakko has been extensively involved in neurosciences in Wales as the therapy lead for neurosciences. Since 2009 Jakko has been working with Morrello as a neurorehabilitation Specialist. He has worked as medico-legal expert and provides teaching nationally and internationally. He has left his NHS Employment in 2014 to concentrate on his voluntary work with ACPIN and Paracycling as well as further developing Morrello Clinic.


Jakko is currently the Honorary Chair of the British Association of Chartered Physiotherapists In Neurology (ACPIN) and he is one of the founders of the Wales ACPIN regional Group

Renee Brouwers MSc MCSP 

Clinical Expert Paediatric Neuro Physiotherapist


Renee has recently joined the Morrello Clinic team to develop a bespoke paediatric neuro physiotherapy service. She has extensive knowledge in the field of Cerebral Palsy. 

Sam Miggins MCSP

Clinical Specialist SCI Physiotherapist


Throughout her working career, Sam has had a desire to specialise in SCI rehabilitation. She has 15 years experience working with SCI in a national specialist rehabilitation setting. Since 2012 Sam has been working with Morrello as Clinical Specialist SCI Physiotherapist. She oversees the SCI treatment programmes of clients with Morrello. Sam also has a background of Case management which she still undertakes from time to time.



Hayley Davis MCSP


Specialist Neuro Physiotherapist

Since graduation, Hayley has focussed on specialising in neuro rehabilitation. She has worked for many years in the specialist field of neuroscience physiotherapy.

Hayey is currently studying for her Master of Science in neuro physiotherapy at Plymouth University


Reji Abraham

Specialist Neuro Physiotherapist


Reji has been working with Morrello since 2010 and has developed anexpertise in working with people in a local leisure centre gym. He has extensive knowledge and experience of working with challenging clients in nursing homes and other community settings. Reji has a keen interest in new emerging technology in rehabilitation and is developing his skills with FES in our clinic

Sarah Candy

Specialist Neuro Physiotherapist


Sarah has been working with Morrello since 2013 and has developed an expertise in working with Stroke survivors. She has extensive knowledge of Saebo Arm rehabilitation methods as she runs Arm rehabilitation groups at Morrello. She further is very experienced in Gait and Balance rehabilitation and is developing her skills with FES in our clinic.

Sarah Alexander

Specialist Neuro Physiotherapist


Sarah has been working with Morrello since 2015 and has developed an expertise in working with people with ABI through her work in regional and national rehabilitation services. She has additional skills and expertise in hydrotherapy which she can undertake in a local leisure centre gym or at a patients home. 

Dr Praveen Kumar

Consultant Neuro Physiotherapist


Praveen Kumar is a Senior Lecturer at University West of England (UWE), Bristol. He completed his PhD at UWE in 2012.

His area of expertise is Neurological Rehabilitation, Motor control and Learning, Therapeutic and Manual Handling, Diagnostic Ultrasound (shoulder region)

Praveen's research interests are in the assessment and management of upper limb broblems in people following Stroke.

Praveen holds a monthly Shoulder Clinic  at Morrello where he completes assessment and treatment of post stroke shoulder pain using Ultrasound Diagnostics to identify the cause of pain and direct accurate treatment modalities.

Kelly Morris

Specialist Neuro Physiotherapist


Kelly has been working with Morrello since 2015 and has developed an expertise in working with people with SCI through her work in specialist SCI regional and national rehabilitation services in Wales. 

Leanne Matthews

Specialist Neuro Physiotherapy Technician


Leanne has been working with Morrello since 2014 and has developed an expertise in working with people with ABI and SCI through her work in specialist SCI regional and national rehabilitation services in Wales. She has additional skills and qualifications in taking people into hydrotherapy following injury and work on community mobility

Gary George

Stroke Survivor and author of "At a Stroke, a new direction new horizons"

Level 2 instructor


Gary has been a patient at Morrello and has following his rehabilitation completed college and work based training to become a personal trainer for people who want to have support with their exercises as part of or following their rehabilitation.



Ieuan Coombes

Morrello Clinic Reception - Administrator


Ieuan is in the finalising stages of completing his degree in disabiolity sport. He is well known in this area as a member of the Ospreys Wheelchair Rugby Team. He has coaching skills for wheelchair and other disability sports activities. During Half Term, he runs sports events as part of his commitment to Disability Sport Wales and Monmouth County Council.

At Morrello Ieuan coordinates the reception and supports the Wales Paracyling Club from Morrello Clinic



Jason King

Jason is our newest recruit. He has come from Australia and will start working at Morrello Clinic as the resident Exercise Physiologist. He has worked extensively in he field of neurological rehabilitastion in Australia and will be setting up NeuroFit for Stroke, MS, Parkinsons, ABI and SCI clients in the Morrello Clinic NeuroFit suite

He will thouroghly test clients before setting them up with exercises which are designed to support improvement in fitness and function.

Wendy Bevan

Wendy is our new administrator and clinic receptionist. She used to have her own Florists in Caerleon untill recently. She has had a long ambition to work with people after SCI, ABI or neurological conditions. She is a supporter of the Ospreys wheelchair rugby team and travels with the players to support them when they play their games.

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Morrello Clinic have been invited to present at Guys St Thomas Hospital, London,  on our experiences with Rehabilitation of Stroke using Augmented Feedback  and Virtual Reality techniques


Please enquire about the Parkinsons Warrior Programme at Morrello Clinic

PD Warrior is a proven set exercise routine specifically designed for people with PD. It is supported by new NICE guidance (NG71) promoting early intensive exercise interventio.

Morrello Clinic is the local accredited and licensed facility delivering the proven PDWarrior programme.


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